Admedia agency has a huge experience in advertising in television and radio. Our media team will help you in creating appropriate media-plan depending on your request. Service of placement of your advertisement in television includes:

The number of Internet users is increasing every year. To promote business, it is necessary to pay attention to digital marketing. Digital marketing helps you to develop your business on the Internet platform and we offer you a wide range of marketing services.

From year to year the number of users of social media is growing. Thus, social media are one of the priority online platforms for recognizing your brand on the market. Social media marketing includes the following:



Our company has great experience in creating PR campaigns. The PR service allows you to provide accurate information about your business and your relationships with the public in order to maintain the reputation of your company. This service consists of three stages:

Our team has extensive experience in conducting corporate events. For any active person, holding an event gives an excellent opportunity to show oneself, your product or service to a certain market or audience. This service includes:

One of the main trends of the modern advertising market is indoor and outdoor advertising. Advertising in buses, metro stations, large commercial centers is not worse than on TV and Radio. Boards, scrollers, lightboxes play a big role in advertising any product.


"ADMEDIA LLC" is an advertising agency with a wide range of services. Our agency conducts successful campaigns to support the brand at all stages, from the creation of an advertising concept, professional production and integrated placement.

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