One of the main trends of the modern advertising market is indoor and outdoor advertising. Advertising in buses, metro stations, large commercial centers is not worse than on TV and Radio. Boards, scrollers, lightboxes play a big role in advertising any product.

Admedia advertising agency is your reliable partner in this field. This service includes:


- options for choosing a territory in accordance with the brand;

- presentation of empty ads in Baku and regions;

- Monitors and wallpapers at metro stations;

- Advertising inside and outside the car;

- printing and installation work;

- preparation of design;

  • - Monthly photoshoot.


Transport advertising is one of the most attractive, popular and effective ways to locate and further recognize your brand. You can use a variety of ways to place your ads:

- in buses;

- cars:

- metro;

- taxi;

- in trains etc


In 2009, we received exclusive advertising rights for passenger buses operating in the capital and regions. Our sales and monitoring specialists prepare different offers depending on requests. The price of bus advertising includes services like:


- Bus route;

- The dimensions of the printed material.